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After a long career as a tradesman and later in charge of installation and maintenance of two well known companies in the Marina Baixa area, in 2004 Jorge Pena decided to start his own climate solutions business supplying air conditioning and heating solutions in the Benidorm area and created "Climatica Instalationes".

To begin with the company focused on responding to the huge demand for the installation and repair work of air conditioning systems. Gradually we built up a loyal client base who relied increasingly on our serivce, providing a proactive, responsive service with excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our desire was to excel and provide comprehensive climate control systems providing additional efficiently, being more environmentally viable, specialising in the treatment of renewable energy.


Aire acondicionado en Benidorm
Servicios de climatización
Cooling systems

Cooling systems services

We offer all clients within the Benidom area, a completely guaranteed service.


The air conditioning are systems that have the function of heating and cooling the interior of houses or buildings according to the time or temperature state of the interiors.

Air circulation

Renewing the interior air of the house is a necessity, due to the great impact it has on the quality of life of its occupants, and an obligation, according to current regulations.

Energía Solar
Solar Energy

It is a type of renewable energy. The energy contained in the Sun is so abundant that it is considered inexhaustible. The Sun takes 5 billion years emitting solar radiation.

Air Conditioning

aire acondicionado





Maintenance and repairs

mantenimiento y reparacion


Energía fotovoltaica

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