Air treatment

Air quality: taking in heat, extracting the steam/smoke from kitchens and air cleansing within garages.

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Climática Installations have a wealth of experience within the field of air treament within the home, shops, businesses and garages.

The regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (R.I.T.E) and the technical building code (C.T.E.) requires a minimum level of air quality inside homes and buildings for which we must ensure are met by air treatment facilities. To fulfill these requirements also means improving the quality of life for people who work or live in these environments.

We install renewable solutions of indoor air and exterior air filtering, properly filtered and treated to achieve the optimum air quality in homes, offices and business premises:

  • Heat recovery: this is specific equipment for renwable air solutions with a high energy efficiency. The C.T.E. Requires the use of this system when the levels are higher the 1.800m3/h.
  • Removing smoke: : smoke extraction in restaurants, kitchens, hotels, etc through the extraction and installation of extractor systems and ducted pipework (tubes). If necessary they can be fitted in an upright position on the external walls of buildings, and balconies. .
  • Renewable air solutions in garages:: this type of air cleansing is also required by the CTE to maintain optimum air quality inside garages and other premises with high concentrations of CO2. Through the centralised fire system, extracting the polluted air.

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