Commercial climate control

Experts in the heating systems for shops, businesses, apartment blocks, ofices and large properties.

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If you are looking for a climate control system for your shop, business, office apartment block or large commerical property in Benidorm, Climática Installations has the experience, the expertise and the necessary resources to provide you with the best option.

We conduct a preliminary study of the insulation requirements of the premises therefore being able to provide a detailed proposal of the appropriate equipment and work that will be required to ensure we provide a fully functional, economical and ecological system to meet your needs.

The mostly widely used systems for climate control within shops, businesses and offices are:

  • Ducted air conditioning: this is the most widely used system for its practicality. It comprises of one exterior unit and only one interior unit that along with a series of integrated pipes linked up to numerous vents distributes the air throughout the whole property, providing a fully integrated system.
  • Water chillers and Colils Fans: : a very good option for hotels, hospitals homes or large properties. The exterior unit produces hot or cold water, which is circulated through a pump system, by a network of pipes connecting to the interior untis, providing a completely integrated climate control system.
  • VRV-VRF systems:: these modern cliamte control systems are also known as Variable area cooling systems. They are characterised by having huge energy efficiency, by only having one exterior unit or a combination of various units you can be connected with a number of interior units, offering in this way global solutions for cliamte control in hotels, office/apartment blocks and large properties.

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