Underfloor heating, aerothermics and heat pumps

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To ensure that you do not feel the cold during the Winter, Climática Installations can offer you, at your finger tips, some of the best heating systems in Benidorm. We carry out a individual property inspection, so that we can produce a taloired made solution for the needs of your home/business.

  • Radiant floor heating systems: This can be electirc - not wideley advised due to increased consumption- or fuelled by heated water at approximately 35º, circulating through tubing embedded in the floor. The water is heated either by a boiler or by a heat pump. This is the system that offers the most comfort and on demand heat for your home, providing a well distributed, uniformed soft warmth.
  • Aerothermal: : This is a clean and efficient technology that uses air as a source of thermal energy. Aerothermal energy can be used to heat water for radiators or domestic hot water. It can also be used to cool indoor air in summer. Aerothermal is an ideal choice for those looking for a way to heat or cool their home in an efficient and sustainable way.
  • Heat pumps:: Without question this is the quickest system with the lowest energy consumption for up to the minute heating systems for properties and shops. They are equipos aerotérmicos, o lo que es lo mismo, they use the energy from the air to produce heat that can be enjoyed with heating systems.

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