16th floor in Benidorm

Aire acondicionado

Installation of air conditioning system in height 16 of the Benidorm building

Not all installations are the same, so they cannot be carried out by just any company.

That is why we want to show you an example of an air conditioning installation in Benidorm. We present this case to you because we had to hang ourselves from the facade of the building with our own means to be able to safely hang the compressor on the facade that is located on no less than the 16th floor.

We always comply with all the security measures so that the work is carried out in a professional way with perfect finishes, prioritizing above all the safety and quality of what is going to be done.

This specific case is about a comprehensive reform of the house, within the reform we take care of installing and starting up your Daikin brand hot-cold appliance.

If you need any type of repair or a new device and for this you need vertical work or any other request, contact us. We are certified air conditioning technicians and have been working on all types of jobs for many years.

16th floor in Benidorm