Store in Alameda Road, Benidorm

Climatización comercial

On this occasion we moved to a pedestrian street in the center of Benidorm to carry out the air conditioning of a business on Calle Alameda.

As the passage of people is continuous to have the maximum possible safety, both for pedestrians, the workers of our company and those of the business, specific machinery had to be used for this task. In this case, elevators were used that allow us to carry out our work in a quick time but always prioritizing that safety conditions are the most important.

On many occasions we have had to carry out air conditioning in Benidorm in places where air conditioning is very important due to the high temperatures that are endured in summer and the large number of people who come together in such a busy city. In addition, as the influx is so great, the doors are often open for a long time, so the heating is also very important that it is powerful.

When our objective is a good setting for commercial premises of any kind, a serious company that knows how to do things and has very good finishes is needed. We guarantee that our projects are the best in the Marina Baixa, since our objectives include a job well done and quality to give the end customer peace of mind for many years that any other company can not guarantee or approach.

If you want a company with many years of experience, with plenty of testimonials from very satisfied clients in different areas and areas of action and with a quality way of working, do not hesitate to contact us to make a budget for you.

We also invite you to browse through our projects to see some examples of projects that have already been successfully carried out in the past.

Store in Alameda Road, Benidorm